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Opinions wanted. ^_^;

Finally started redoing my Movie!Ed costume! ^__^ The vest still isn't complete but..shhh. (The dye wouldn't set completely. ;__; )

Here are some shots of how its coming along!

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Full body shot. Like I said, the vest wouldn't hold the dye for some reason (using front loading washers with powdered dye sucks. x_x) and it still needs the collar added and such but its getting there! The coat needs some touches too but at least its almost the right color now. ^_^;

Image hosting by Photobucket
retsumatsuro was having too much fun with the camera. I do like this shot though. Armband is in the works, I'm making a new one, and you can't really tell that my pants are green...xDD

Image hosting by Photobucket
HAHA! Ed found a picture of Elysia in his journal! xDD;

Image hosting by Photobucket
Full shot again. See? Its coming along slowly but surely. It should be COMPLETELY fixed by A-Cen but I'm hoping to get the most of it done my Punch. ^_^

Pictures of the PARTIALLY done Indiana!Ed costume to come. x3
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