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i was wondering who is going to this year's youmacon. i'm pretty sure it's taking place on halloween this time around. i've never been to a con before and i'm not sure if i'll ever get to. :/ my parents are weirded out by the fact i enjoy anime/manga and don't really understand why i would ever want to attend a con. i bring it up every now and then, but they usually say, "i don't have an answer for you right now." geeze... i wanted to know how old you were when you attended your first con, which one it was, how it went, how the hotel thinger worked out (did you room with online friends? if so, how on earth did you convince your parents to let you? :/)... i also would like to know if there are any other events or shopping centers around the con site for my mom to check out. i doubt she would want to hang out with sugar high otakus for three days.

ALSO.. i want to cosplay, but i've never sewed before. i'm thinking of doing L from death note because the costume seems pretty easy. white longsleeve shirt, sort of baggyish... loose jeans... no shoes... but the hair i'm concerned about. :/ i have no knowledge on wig styling and i'm a bit nervous about ruining the wig! (which i hear are expensive...)

soum... maybe someone who's a veteran con-goer could be my buddy? kukuku if you think you can handle it!
(i don't bite lol... i just need some questions answered/guidance with cosplay.)
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*waves* I'm going to Youmacon. You can go ahead and message me on either AIM or MSN (both are in my profile) and ask me whatever you need. This will be my 4th Youmacon and my 12th con overall ^^
that's a loooooot of cons.

oh! i think i will email you... i have a lot of questions orz.
I'm totally going this year for my honeymoon. ^^ This will be my second con and my second youmacon. Last year at Youmacon was my very first con and I was 17, well kinds 18 my b-day was the Monday after the con. But this year I'm going to be going to youmacon with at the time will be my husband for our honeymoon. ^^ I'm so excited.
And with the whole cosplay thing, good luck. I'm cosplaying for the first time this year all three days different costumes. Luckily my finacee(can't spell that) can sew better than me and will be helping me with my costumes along with working on his. Which btw we are couple cosplaying. ^_^ I'm so pumped.
so cute! fiancees couple cosplaying. djkfgdhkj i'd take pictures of you just cause you two would look adorable. ;0;
I'm going for sure! My husband and I already pre-registered ^_^ I'm super excited that it's in dearborn this year. It's much closer to me ^_^ We're cosplaying, but.... we have decided on what costumes yet, lol.
maybe i'll see you there then? geeze.. i hope i get to go.
My first "real" convention was Otakon 2002, in Baltimore, MD. I was 18 years old at the time. I'm still not sure how I managed it, but I convinced my parents to let me drive 700 miles to Baltimore with two of my friends from high school. We paid for our room at the Radisson with cash, and split all the rest of the costs amongst ourselves (food, gas, etc).

My parents are not enthusiastic about my anime/manga hobby, but they are accepting. I've been watching anime since I was 10 and am now 25, so I think they've learned to accept it and move on. :)

If your mother is thinking of coming to Youmacon with you as a chaperone, invite her to sit down in the lobby and talk with the other con-goers. You do not have to have a Youmacon badge unless you wish to enter the panels, movies or dealer's room. So she can wander the hallways and meet people. It might help to assuage her discomfort with your hobby. I know that last year I was tired and sat in a chair in one of the hallways; a few minutes later a mother sat near me. We had a nice conversation about conventions and anime/manga/cosplay as hobbies. I think that she was comforted knowing that there are normal ADULTS who find this intriguing, as well as teenagers and younger kids.

If you want to cosplay, I think you're started in the right direction: do something easy! Closet cosplay (things that you can find in your closet that require little/no alternation) is a good place to start. If you're interested in learning to sew, JoAnn Fabrics usually offers beginners sewing classes for about $50. It'll teach you the basics of how to use a sewing machine, how to read a pattern, etc. Well worth the cost.

Good luck, and I hope that you manage to make it to your first convention this year! :)
thank you so much, you're very helpful.

my biggest problem is my mom... she would shrivel up and die if she met up with a phsyco animeniac. but i guess she could have fun waiting it out with other moms.