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Michigan Cosplay Society At cosplay.com
Motor City Comic Con


We are a gathering of Michigan Cosplayers. We're always welcoming new members into our family.


Kira Elric
FullMetal Chibi
Random Karen
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still alive? [25 Aug 2010|11:50pm]

Is this community still watched by anyone?  I don't believe there has been an active post in a very long time.  Have people simply migrated away to other social networking sites, like facebook?

For those who are still around, what costumes are you currently working on?  And are you planning to attend Youmacon in October?

I'm currently finishing up my Eureka (Eureka 7) costume and my original EGL outfit.  I'm debating on whether doing a half-and-half job for Sora, from Kaleido Star.   And, as always, my Marie Antoinette (Rose of Versailles) could still use some work.  I'm so lazy when it comes to actually finishing that costume! *laughs*
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novi, motorcity con [15 May 2008|05:10pm]

Anyone else hitting the Motorcity convention in Novi, mi? I'll be there as Kyouya Ohtori from Ouran Host Club on Saturday (morning until ?) If anyone would like my hosting services let me know. I think there could be some merit in it... *makes notes on clipboard*

hehe but really, if anyone cares to meet up it could be fun, whether you plan to cosplay or not.
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Youmacon? [01 Apr 2008|09:06pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

i was wondering who is going to this year's youmacon. i'm pretty sure it's taking place on halloween this time around. i've never been to a con before and i'm not sure if i'll ever get to. :/ my parents are weirded out by the fact i enjoy anime/manga and don't really understand why i would ever want to attend a con. i bring it up every now and then, but they usually say, "i don't have an answer for you right now." geeze... i wanted to know how old you were when you attended your first con, which one it was, how it went, how the hotel thinger worked out (did you room with online friends? if so, how on earth did you convince your parents to let you? :/)... i also would like to know if there are any other events or shopping centers around the con site for my mom to check out. i doubt she would want to hang out with sugar high otakus for three days.

ALSO.. i want to cosplay, but i've never sewed before. i'm thinking of doing L from death note because the costume seems pretty easy. white longsleeve shirt, sort of baggyish... loose jeans... no shoes... but the hair i'm concerned about. :/ i have no knowledge on wig styling and i'm a bit nervous about ruining the wig! (which i hear are expensive...)

soum... maybe someone who's a veteran con-goer could be my buddy? kukuku if you think you can handle it!
(i don't bite lol... i just need some questions answered/guidance with cosplay.)

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Costumes for Sale [13 Oct 2007|09:12pm]

Hi, I've cross-posted to the cosplay community, but just in case you're not a member, here is the sale information!

I'm selling the following costumes:
Kiki - Kiki's Delivery Service
Shirahime - Angelic Layer
Red Chess Queen - Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
the Hiitachin Twins (Cheshire Cat variants) - Ouran Host Club
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[01 Mar 2007|11:20am]

[ mood | curious ]

So, anyone going to Anime Punch, Tekko, or Anime Central?? (Those are only three of the...ton that I'm going too but those are the ones I'm most looking forward too. ^_^;; )

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2 More Female Youmacon Roomies needed! [28 Aug 2006|11:57pm]


I have 4 people in my hotel room now, and we're still looking to take 2 more people. Here are the costs...

5 People: $40.00
6 People: $33.50

If you plan to room wish us please bring you're own pillow(s) and Sleeping bag! If you plan to bring any cans of pop or bottled water please bring it! I will provide a cooler for everyone to store drinks in and keep them cold.

I will also be bakeing homemade pretzels(soft ones) so if you want any of them I don't mind I normally bake about 50-60 and that last three days, and they make good snacks for on the run.

If you wish to room with us I need the hotel funds by [B]9-27-06 NO LATER! [/B] I planto arrive on Friday as soon as I can get their so if you have a cell phone please give me it so we can keep in contact!

If you need to ask me any questions please contact me by e-mail: Hathor_sg1x@comcast.net

Or contact my cell phone to further discuss matters: 586-214-9886, if you call me please ask for Hathor SG1X and say it's about the hotel.
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HEY IKASUCON PEOPLE! [30 Jun 2006|11:39am]

Yep, as the title says, this is mostly directed towards anyone going to Ikasucon.

I'm hosting the Fullmetal Alchemist Panel on Friday from 7-9 (as far as I know I still have this block. -crosses fingers-) and have decided to do something a little extra.
As you all should know by now, I'm not cosplaying Movie Ed anymore. A friend of mine (Kyo) suggested that I auction the costume off.
And that is just what I've decided to do.

So, the costume, suitcase and all (Jacket, vest, pants, shirt, shoes, armband, notebook, and all) will be auctioned off at the panel on Friday. ^_^;;
Umm..so...if you all wouldn't mind..spread the word! Tell anyone that you think may interested that is going!! The costume needs a good home. I love the thing dearly and want to see it go into good hands. ^___^

That is all. DUN DUN!
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My Space [21 Jun 2006|01:07am]

For those of you who use it, I created a Myspace Group the MSC. ^^ http://groups.myspace.com/michigancosplayers Please help invite others, if you know anyone. The site is in need of fellow cosplayer pictures as well. 

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Jafax.. [20 Jun 2006|09:56am]

[ mood | curious ]

So hey everyone, how are things? Well Jafax is comign up kinda quick (this weekend yay! ^^) But I was wondering who's gunna be there, and if you're going, who are you cosplaying?  Saturday all depends on my dad for me -he's making me better automail- So if he gets it done, I'll do normal Ed (Movie) but if he doesn't I'l do BBI's Pride!Ed.  On Sunday you'll find me as Sasuke Uchiha. I hope to see you all there. 


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Colossal Con... [01 Jun 2006|04:05pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

..is tomorrow! I should have posted something sooner but just curious as to who may be going an all. ^_^ I'll be there as either Movie!Ed or Genma (from Naruto) so if you see me don't be afraid to say hi!! (I MAY possibly have my Final Form Sora costume too, not sure about that yet but I won't have the wig or anything yet. ^_^;; )

I'll also be hosting the Everything and Anything Fullmetal Alchemist panel tomorrow from 7-9pm. If you've got nothing else to do, swing by! It'll be random and informative I promise! x3

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[31 May 2006|06:11pm]
A friend of mine started a Little KH/KH2 RP. :3 I thought I could help out by posting a link here and they could get some more members <333

http://community.livejournal.com/distort_facade/profile Please Have a look! thank you! :D
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MCCC? [14 May 2006|07:48pm]

[ mood | curious ]

so, acen is over and we're all suffering from post-con angst...

anyone heading out to MCCC in novi this weekend?

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meetup at acen! [02 May 2006|06:17pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hi everyone!

we have a tentative time for an acen mcs meetup/photoshoot of 8:30pm on friday, by the lobby statue. feel free to come, bring your friends, and let's all put faces to usernames, hmm? :D

EDIT: 8:30pm-9pm

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acen is coming.... [30 Apr 2006|04:38pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hi all!

acen is RIGHT around the corner (we're so close that the staff has already released the schedule! i didn't realize they were showing howl's moving castle :O ), and i was wondering if anyone was up for a michigan cosplayers photoshoot? it was mentioned briefly on the boards, but there didn't seem to be a lot of response, so i thought i'd ask here. ^^;

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Cosplay at the Zoo [24 Apr 2006|05:47pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I was thinking today and I came up with an idea that I want to try and put into action.

For awhile now I've wanted to do something really big to help out
Image hosting by Photobucket
but I really couldn't think of what to do.
Then I came up with an idea.

I was talking to cloud_sama last night and she mentioned a Cosplay Picnic that they did. That got me thinking.
How cool would it be to cosplay at the zoo?
Then, that turned into 'how cool would it be if we cosplayed at the zoo and help out the charity at the same time?'

There is still a lot of stuff that has to go into putting this project together.
I need to get in touch with the Detroit Zoo and see if they'd be up to handling a mass of cosplayers and what they could possibly do to help us.
But first and foremost, I just wanted opinions.

How was I thinking of raising money?
Well, like I said, I need to talk to the Zoo first and see what they'd be willing to do as far as admissions go.
But I was thinking, cosplay auction, if any artists would be willing to donate pieces, etc etc. There is a LARGE mass of things that could go into this.

My question is though:
How many people would be interested in it?
I know Detroit is probably pretty damn far from a lot of you, but I still wanted to see. Depending on the response I get, I'll then take this to the Zoo.

^_^ Just wanted to see what people thought. I really want to give this a shot though.

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It's done!! [13 Apr 2006|07:30pm]

My Jedi costume is now complete YAY! ^_^ So feel free to comment and look and tell me what you think of it.

Final Amount spent on everything: $406.00

Jedi Knight Hathor Kenobi OCCollapse )
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A-Cen is almost here! [12 Apr 2006|01:44am]

[ mood | chipper ]

To anyone thats going, I'm getting into Chicago Thursday morning and I'm in town till Sunday. ^__^ We're staying at the Hyatt and all that fun stuff so, to those going, maybe I'll see you there!

I'll either be in Schuldig (Weiss Kreuz), Indiana!Ed, or Movie!Ed. ^___^ (Movie!Ed with the suitcase, all brown. -nods-)

Our room is open to anybody that wants to stop by for a visit or just hang out! We don't bite promise! (We just indulge people. ;3)

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Opinions wanted. ^_^; [11 Mar 2006|12:25am]

[ mood | working ]

Finally started redoing my Movie!Ed costume! ^__^ The vest still isn't complete but..shhh. (The dye wouldn't set completely. ;__; )

Here are some shots of how its coming along!

Pictures of the EdoCollapse )

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YOUMACON Pre-Reg. [07 Mar 2006|05:30am]

Hey guys the YOUMACON website has been updated and pre-reg. is now open. $30.00 for a 3 day pass to the con. After the date listed in July they go to $35 a pass.
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comm maintenance [02 Mar 2006|07:20pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

just doing some regular comm maintenance, noticing there are a couple of new members to our group here, so i added them to our sidebar, and made the usernames in the sidebar a little easier to read. ^^ if anyone wants any changes made, either to their name/journal listing or to the comm in general, let me know by either commenting or emailing me (selaphri at gmail), even if it's really small like changing syntax or capitalization of the name.

to anyone who doesn't regularly visit the boards at cosplay.com, it's really short notice, but a bunch of us are going ice skating on sunday at the troy sports center! details are in this thread.

...so....... what cosplays is everyone working on now? ^^ (i can't figure out how to conjugate that sentence properly T_T i suck at the english language and it's my first language!)

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